Paper Review

Paper acceptance

The review of the papers sent to be published is made by 3 members of the reviewers’ board. The reviewers make an evaluation according to the form in the attachment and based on this evaluation the paper is accepted and scheduled for publishing. Right-click "Save as..." to download form here.

Reviewers Board
1 Prof. Ioan Lascar M.D., Ph.D., F.I.C.S.
2 Prof. Tiberiu Bratu M.D., Ph.D.
3 Dr. Gavril Hodarnescu M.D.
4 Prof. Ioan Bordeianu M.D., Ph.D.
5 Prof. Doina Dumitrescu-Ionescu M.D., Ph.D.
6 Prof. Dan Mircea Enescu M.D., Ph.D.
7 Prof. Ioan Petre Florescu M.D., Ph.D.
8 Prof. Hanno Millessi M.D., PhD
9 Prof. Bishara Atiyeh M.D. , Ph.D.
10 Prof. Michel Costagliola M.D. , Ph.D.
11 Prof. Andreas Foustanos M.D. , Ph.D.
12 Prof. Marco Lanzetta M.D. , Ph.D.
13 Prof. Jan Lilja M.D. , Ph.D.
14 Prof. Michele Masellis M.D. , Ph.D.
15 Prof. Kenneth E. Salyer M.D. , Ph.D.
16 Prof. Zsolt Revesz M.D. , Ph.D.
17 Prof. Horia Parvanescu M.D. , Ph.D.
18 Serban Arghir Popescu M.D. , Ph.D.
19 Dragos Zamfirescu M.D. , Ph.D.
20 Radu Jecan M.D. , Ph.D.
21 Emanuel Albu M.D. , Ph.D.
22 Simona Stoicescu M.D.
23 Ioana Sebe M.D.
24 Dan Ionita M.D.