Complications in Body Contouring after Massive Weight Loss

Title: Complications in Body Contouring after Massive Weight Loss
Authors: S.V. Parască, D. Popescu, S.N. Tătulescu, S. Manea

Abstract: Obesity has become an epidemic in our country and bariatric surgery has had a rapid development
during the last decade. Dealing with post massive weight loss deformities poses new challenges for the plastic
surgeon. A wide range of operations helps the patients regaining a normal body contour. Complications are
frequent. The article presents a personal experience with a series of 27 patients that had 53 surgical procedures.
Both surgical (seroma, wound breakdown, bleeding, infection) and esthetic (under-resection, unsightly scars,
asymmetries) complications are described together with their treatment. No tromboembolic complications
were encountered. The series are compared with relevant literature data, showing that the author’s experience
is within the general tendencies. Some particular approaches in dealing with antibioprophylaxis and
tromboembolic prophylaxis are pointed out. Despite a significant number of complicated cases (10 patients
with 18 surgical and 15 esthetic complications), the overall results were considered to be fair both by the
patients and the surgeon.

Keywords: bariplastic surgery, complications, antibiprophylaxis, tromboembolic prophylaxis.