Choosing the most appropriate facial rejuvenation technique

Title: Choosing the most appropriate facial rejuvenation technique
Authors: E. Turcu, M. Turcu, I. Popa, M. Gheorghiu

Abstract: Facial rejuvenation is a top area of interest in today’s aesthetic surgery. Due to the high number of both
surgical and non-surgical techniques developed, choosing the most appropriate for each patient requires an
experienced surgeon. Under expert care, all of these (surgical and non-surgical) procedures may be combined
and personalized to give each patient the most natural results.
Each case must be carefully assessed and a strategy devised that will represent a fine balance between
the patient’s desires and the surgeon’s informed opinion.
The doctor will listen and give his opinion on how best to treat the areas of concern evaluating each
patient in light of his or hers desired outcomes, age, underlying conditions, facial contour, elasticity and
quantity of both skin and deep facial tissue. Regardless of the procedure chosen, the patient’s satisfaction will
be the best criteria for evaluating the success of the intervention.
In this paper we present our personal experience with some of the best known facial rejuvenation
procedures and how best to apply them to each patient.

Keywords: facial rejuvenation